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Women’s Lacrosse: Portsmouth VS Brunel

League leaders take the win after a closely contested game with Portsmouth

Saturday 2nd December 2023


Portsmouth Women's 1's vs Brunel Women's 1's

When: 29th November 2023

Where: Langstone

How Portsmouth lined up:

Match Recap:

In the first quarter, Brunel won the draw and started to create chances in attack, which was met with a save from the home side. It was a quiet opening few minutes as both teams created close contests with each other, but Brunel picked up possession after a Portsmouth mistake, being able to convert fast down to the other end, but were once again unlucky not to convert their chance into a goal as the Portsmouth defence made another save. However, after weaving through the home defence, Brunel was able to get their first goal of the game. After winning the possession after the restart Portsmouth faced an increase in defensive pressure from the visitors but created enough space to get their first goal of the quarter. Brunel was quick to respond, gaining possession through a wide pass in midfield, but soon lost out to Portsmouth who had a shot saved from the opposition which was converted into their (Brunel's) second goal. Portsmouth's second goal came after the attackers worked hard to gain possession by working it around and this patience paid off when they were rewarded with the last goal of the quarter. The first quarter showed just how fast Brunel was through their ability to quickly change direction in their attack but Portsmouth also showed good strength in their midfield transitions and their opening of space in attack during the fast-paced quarter.

End quarter score: 2-2

Portsmouth started the next quarter gaining possession which led to an early two-goal lead as they were able to work through more spaces in attack; with more open spaces for the midfield players to work the ball to attack Portsmouth were able to take more shots at goal but were unlucky to have them saved and only get the two early on. Brunel was then faced with being a player down after a dangerous shot, from one of their attacking players, for two minutes which allowed Portsmouth to open more spaces and create faster transitions through the midfield with an increased defensive pressure preventing Brunel from getting attacking chances. Portsmouth soon got a penalty which was saved from the visitors' defence which led to them losing possession and Brunel were quick to convert the chance to get their only goal of the quarter.

Half time: 4-3

The next quarter was relatively quiet for the home team with Brunel starting the quarter possession by winning the draw but the defensive pressure from Portsmouth made it harder for the attack. Brunel were able to gain possession and quickly gain a goal back. After a defensive save from Portsmouth and some close contest in the Brunel attacking end, Brunel were rewarded by going two goals up despite Portsmouth having some chances to work through the defensive; meaning going into the final quarter Brunal took the slim lead after an unfortunate quiet quarter for Portsmouth.

End of quarter score: 4-6

The final quarter started with a quick transition into a goal from Brunel with them retaining the majority of the possession. Despite Portsmouth retaining possession- after a Brunel missed goal- the home side were able to create more space which resulted in a few more chances at goal. This quarter slowed down after each team had their chances at goal saved, with both defensive ends putting more pressure on their respective attackers. A run of possession from Portsmouth allowed them to use the space created and take a few more shots but after a saved shot Brunel were able to use this to their advantage and create a chance of their own which was eventually saved by the home defence. Soon after the run of back-and-forth possession, Brunel got their seventh goal, backed up by a save of a Portsmouth chance. Throughout the final quarter, Portsmouth didn't let their defensive pressure slip as they made sure to disrupt Brunel's play by marking specific players, which also allowed them to hold more possession as the 20 minutes went on, resulting in their fifth goal. To end the game, Brunel was able to get a goal from their quick transitions and then were able to convert their last chance of the game to win the game and keep their place at the top of the league.

Final score: 5-10

Post-game reactions from the Women's Club Captain- Marija.

How do you think the game went? 

"The game went really well, even though we did unfortunately lose in the end, we held them off really well the first half of the game. However, in the second half, we struggled to get possession, therefore lost a few goals to them. But I’m really proud of all the girls, they really put their all on the pitch, and we had a few freshers score some goals so it was a big accomplishment as they were a very tough team to play. We really gave them a tough game."

What aspect of the game impressed you the most? 

"We had a 2 possession called where we scored two goals straight away one after another, technique was amazing!" 

What changes do you think you made from your last game- either positive or negative?

"The defence improved a lot more this game, as we would dedicate one girl to be the communicator and the eyes in the defence, being usually the middle of defence. So that worked really well, however, a lot more work needs to be done so we improve even more!"

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