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Women’s Lacrosse: Portsmouth VS Royal Holloway

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Defeat for Portsmouth after strong attacking pressure from Holloway ends their winning streak.

Friday 17th November 2023


Portsmouth Women's 1's vs Royal Holloway Women's 1's

When: 15th November 2023

Where: Langstone

What: South Eastern Tier 2 Cup game


Portsmouth- with 18 players ranging from freshers to final years, the home side were able to take advantage of their substitutes by swapping throughout the quarters

Holloway- the visitors had their starting 10 and no substitutes

Due to Royal Holloway only having 10 players the request was made for 10-minute quarters instead of 15

Match Recap:

The first quarter started with a break in the Portsmouth defence after they won the draw, but within 3 minutes the hosts' defence opened to Royal Holloway's attack which left them 0-1 down. Shortly after the speedy attack of the visitors were able to push past the home defence again (0-2) but was quickly faced with a response from Portsmouth. The home team responded to the first two early goals with their own fast attack giving them the confidence to equalise in the closing minutes of the quarter (2-2).

The second quarter opened with a small collision resulting in Royal Holloway scoring another early goal, again from number 41, who continued to cause problems in the Portsmouth defence throughout the game. There was a quick turnaround to the home's attack which was unlucky not to be converted into a goal, leaving the visitors with the possession to go on and score their fourth. With the defence doubling up on the home attackers they regained possession to gain their third goal- and first of the quarter giving number 4 an early hattrick. After a fifth goal from Holloway, Portsmouth won the draw to gain possession in the restart but were again unlucky in converting to goal. As the Portsmouth defence ramped up, after a sixth from Royal Holloway, the home side were able to gain more possession with better merking of their defensive counterparts, which later resulted in their fourth goal being scored. As teh quarter was drawing to a close, the Portsmouth defence was able to slow down any of Roiyal Holloway's goal-scoring chances down and blocking a few chances to end the quarter 4-6.

Half time: 4-6

After half-time, the visitors came out with a strong defensive presence causing Portsmouth to lose out in attack and give the visitors a chance to score their seventh and eighth. With some fast-paced players, Royal Holloway gained teh possessional advantage through the third quarter as Portsmouth were unlucky not to convert a goal chance coming from a long shot through the field from defence. After a frustrating few minutes, Royal Holloway took possession and converted to their ninth and tenth of the game; it seemed as though Portsmouth were gaining possession when needed but were lacking more chances and support in attack once the defensive pressure ramped up from the opposition. After losing out on possession Portsmouth was unable to score in the ten minutes, meaning they headed into the last quarter 4-10.

Gaining possession early on, Portsmouth started the last quarter strong as they created more space throughout the field with an increased attention on defence. Despite the home's defence holding strong Royal Holloway was able to convert to gain their 12th- and final- goal of the game. After conceding, the home side created a fast-paced transition to attack, unfortunately resulting in a no-goal decision, but they held off the high pressure in the end to score their fifth of the game. Towards the end of the game, the defensive pressure from Portsmouth was making it harder for Holloway to convert, showing the improvement of the defence in the duration of the game.

Final score: 5-12

Post-game reactions from the President of Portsmouth Lacrosse and the Women's Club Captain.

How do you think the game went?

Grace- President of Lacrosse: It was a great challenge for us that was able to test us after a period of not being tested as much. It was a good game that taught us a lot about where to improve on before the next Cup game against them.

Marija- Club captain: It went pretty well as it gave the team- mostly the freshers- more experience. But it was a tough game.

Is there any particular part of the game you were most impressed by?

Grace- President of Lacrosse: The communication in attack.

Marija- Club captain: Our attack- which is something we have worked on in training- as passing options were made and the girls were able to create spaces to make more chances.

Is there any particular part of the game you want to work on for the next game?

Grace- President of Lacrosse: Our defensive positioning

Marija- Club captain: The defensive pressure, especially doubling up on players and being able to focus on the most dangerous player.

Next game at Langstone: 29th November vs. Brunel 1's

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